WEEngage Corporate Session

WeEngage : Session on Business Security

Time : 09:30-10:30

Date : Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Venue : Hibiscus

Program Conductor: Major Saurabh Srivastava, Covert Security India Consulting Services

Security Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs
In an increasingly competitive and challenging world today, women unlike ever before are looking forward to greater opportunities of leading by example and from the front. While the opportunities continue to present themselves, women are often confronted with numerous security and safety challenges that in turn influence business decision making and thus restrict a potentially larger growth and exploration. The 'Fear' of the unknown poises as a vital hurdle which drives especially women entrepreneurs to rather avoid than to take proactive and mitigative actions.

Understanding the Problem
Why do we do business? No matter how you choose to answer this question, the final answer concludes with consistency, sustainability and reliability, to achieve which, we rely on monetary growth. Further, the core team utilise the available capital infusions with an intent to maximise business opportunities and ensure growth. This results in the lack of a dedicated physical security and safety team to handle prevalent and unknown challenges. During crisis management situations, organizations are thus found to be lacking with respect to adherence of basic compliance and statutory norms. Failure to mitigate threats using protection systems and / or processes is also commonly observed.
Another big challenge lies in the necessity of doing business in unfamiliar territories and geographically displaced areas where the fear of the unknown is comparatively greater than before. Individual travels to remote destinations, further tend to impact business strategies and outlooks.

Problem Resolution
Security India's subject matter security and safety experts would like to address this issue by educating the audience through a focus on three key areas of consideration -

  • Understanding physical security strategies and implementation methodologies for women entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Understanding, evaluating and exploiting a geo-political risk scenario to benefit your own businesses spread across diverse geographic displacements
  • Preparing for business continuity and women centric travel safety by overcoming the 'fear' of the unknown.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Greater 'ease of doing business' in diverse geographical regions globally by women
  • To be able to evaluate own business safety and security risks
  • To be able to create a risk-matrix chart and to take proactive preventive measures to protect business interests and assets
  • Confidence enhancement of women entrepreneurs to lead your organization with enhanced safety and security in the absence of a dedicated and capital intensive team or team member
  • Ensure business continuity and reduced operational impact due to occurrence of unforeseen events

We thus take an opportunity to present the audience at the Think Big conference, to 'Think Beyond' and welcome them to explore a trusted and successful methodology in empowering business owners, especially women, to be able to enhance their overall organizational and personal security and safety posture.

Major Saurabh Srivastava, an ex-Army officer, is a highly experienced risk consultant with over ten years of experience in the security and safety domain. He is the Managing Partner of Covert Security India Consulting Services.He has successfully led numerous security and safety risk management assignments for corporates which has helped them to not only de-risk their businesses, but also help them enhance the overall security and safety posture of their organization and employees.

Further, as a professional trainer in women safety, he has trained over 5,500 women employees stretching across organizations from the BFSI, Telecom, IT services and Logistic companies. He is also an accomplished researcher and has written several risk management articles highlighting the various challenges and gaps existent and

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