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Access to Markets

Numerous studies have shown that lack of adequate awareness as well as access to markets is a key barrier keeping women from scaling their business and achieving their true potential. 

Women entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to hear from Procurement & Marketing Heads of leading global companies to understand their procurement strategy, current procurement needs, as well as challenges faced.

The session will include an interactive component with WEConnect International Certified Women Owned Businesses raising questions, concerns, and feedback. The Panel will be highly valuable for women entrepreneurs looking to gain access to a wider client base by supplying to large multinational companies.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Database: Potential suppliers for their business.
  • Quality: Key quality parameters that buyers consider while taking buying decisions.

Access to Finance

According to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) – WEConnect International report, two-thirds of women-owned businesses lack access to a loan or line of credit. While non-availability of long-term finance is a key issue faced by women, regular and frequent need of working capital and long procedure to avail financial services is also critical financial problems faced by most entrepreneurs. Women disproportionately face financial access barriers that prevent them from participating in the economy.

The Panel will bring together key stakeholders of leading financial institutions to discuss the concerns, prospective, initiatives and financial services offered by them.


Key takeaways for the audience:

  • What are the initiatives and schemes launched by leading financial institutions of India to help women owned businesses. 
  • What are the key challenges that women face on access to finance.
  • What are the key issues and concern experienced while lending to women owned businesses.
  • How women owned businesses can be better equipped.

Access to Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The Panel will bring together government officials, experts, policymakers and entrepreneurs to discuss the initiatives undertaken towards building a multifaceted support for women entrepreneurs. 

Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem goes beyond extending support to existing women entrepreneurs. It involves expanding the pool of potential entrepreneurs by devising policies and incentives, easing the barriers and creating enabling environment for doing business as well as encouraging healthy competition. It is important to integrate policy and regulatory reforms with comprehensive services to educate, finance, advise and encourage women entrepreneurs.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Learning: What are the initiatives and schemes launched by Central and State Governments to boost support to women entrepreneurs. What is the current impact that these schemes have had.
  • Capacity building: Information and awareness of entrepreneurship development programs offered by various education and management instituitions in India. 
  • Connect: Existing networking opportunities and avenues that entrepreneurs could use to grow businesses.
  • Empower: Information on handholding support extended by government for women entrepreneurs.

Access to Technologies

The way we do business has evolved significantly in the last decade. Despite democratization of technology, it has been observed that a large segment of women entrepreneurs is unaware or hesitant to adopt technology to improve the way they do business. 

The Panel will be a highly informative discussion on the availability and need to digitise business processes to improve business performance, as well as highlight various innovative technology solutions that entrepreneurs can consider in order to improve their business performance.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Availability: Innovative technology solutions that entrepreneurs could consider to improve their business performance.
  • Need assessment: How entrepreneurs can assess their technology needs. 
  • Adaptation: How adopting technology help improve business performance. 


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