About ThinkBig 2018

WEConnect International in India has big plans for supporting Indian women-owned businesses with greater market opportunities and India-based corporations in their efforts to source more from women owned businesses. There are increasing numbers of women-owned businesses that seek opportunities to do business with one another. All of these activities will be highlighted during this year’s ThinkBig 2018 Summit. Based on WEConnect International’s learning from the previous ThinkBig events and with its sound understanding of the needs of women businesses as well as corporations/companies in India, Think Big 2018 would be more focused on the following important aspects:

For Women Owned Businesses:

  • Creating connections between women owned businesses to increase cross-network business;
  • Learning about the procurement policies of various corporates and ways of becoming a vendor to them;
  • Connecting WEConnect certified Women Business Enterprises one-to-one with corporate procurement team through focused buyer-seller meets;
  • Interacting with thought leaders and corporate management to gain knowledge and expert guidance;
  • Utilizing the WEConnect International network to take their businesses global.

For Corporates/Companies:

  • Meeting high-potential women owned businesses from across India who could become potential suppliers to the corporates;
  • Learning about the supplier diversity initiatives of fellow corporates and sharing each other’s challenges and achievements;
  • Networking with like-minded companies to work with, on supplier diversity initiatives in India;
  • Educating companies on challenges faced by women owned businesses in India and how they could help address the same;
  • Creating an opportunity to introduce the Tier-1 and Tier-2 vendors of the corporations to the concept of supplier diversity and sensitizing them on importance of bringing more women-owned businesses into their value chains;
  • Understanding how WEConnect International could help the corporate buy more from women businesses and thereby create a positive impact on the country’s economy as a socially responsible organisation.

Target Audience:

  • Women Owned Businesses: Independent women-owned businesses in the manufacturing and services industry; women-owned businesses supported through various programs by Indian and Multinational corporations; women-owned businesses supported under various state and central government schemes.
  • Corporate buyers: Indian and foreign multinationals who either are sourcing or planning to source products and services from women owned businesses.
  • Industry leaders: Industry professionals who have already proven their expertise in India and the Global business community and who could serve as mentors to aspiring women-owned businesses.
  • Women industry associations: Associations promoting and supporting women entrepreneurs in India would be invited for being a beacon of influence, support and action for women owned businesses.
  • Multilateral institutions: Various multilaterals who are either already running or planning to start programs related to women-owned businesses and empowerment would be invited to enhance their engagement.

Expected outcomes of the event

  • Participation of 300 delegates including women business owners and companies   
  • Focused B2B meetings with women-owned businesses
  • Focused engagement with procurement heads of various large corporations
  • Extensive networking for women-owned businesses