Smt. K. Ratna Prabha

Retired Chief Secretary of Karnataka

Smt. K. Ratna Prabha has an exemplary record in public service, spanning over 37 years, ranging from the Social Sector to IT, Industry & Commerce, Skill Development and Women Empowerment. She has left a mark wherever she has worked & made a special name for herself in the society for being innovative, people friendly in approach & optimistic when it comes to taking tough administrative calls. Smt. K. Ratna Prabha, through her years of service, has gained immense and varied experience in various sectors of government, especially IT, Industry & Commerce, Skill Development and Women Entrepreneurship. She has bagged several laurels over the years for her relentless work and commitment to public administration and welfare. In particular, she was awarded the Women of the Year for two consecutive years: 1999 and 2000, by the American Biographical Institute Inc. USA. On June 30th, 2018, she retired as the Chief Secretary of Karnataka, garnering the respect and admiration of her peers, colleagues and the people of Karnataka.