Sharmila Jain

Founder, PD Fluted Cartons

Sharmila Jain is the founder of PD Fluted Cartons, a Hyderabad-based manufacturer of boxes and packaging materials. 

Sensing a niche in the market for good quality medium sized volumes of micro fluted cartons Sharmila seized the opportunity and started the unit in 2001. She completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program in 2009. Since graduating from the program, she has worked to improve and upgrade PD Fluted Cartons. Today PD fluted Cartons has added another plant for 5 ply cartons and has taken an industrial plot of around 2 acres, for an automated plant.


She represented the 10000 women program in Clinton Global Initiative in New York and has been part of some panel discussions in Mumbai and New Jersey Goldman Sach’s office. She has also been part of the Proctor & Gamble and WEConnect International’s Women Businesses Empowerment Program 2018, in which she was the leader of the team which had won the Whisper case study competition.